The Ingham Method of Reflexology is used primarily to reduce and eliminate the harm done by stress, illness, or injury.  Under these circumstances, muscles in the body secrete acid that crystallizes around and over nerve endings at reflex areas – a condition called “congestion” in reflexology.   

The Reflexologist clears the congestion, thereby restoring the nerve circulation to the affected glands, organs and body parts and relieving the uncomfortable symptoms they produce – pain, fatigue, stiffness, weakness, inflammation, anxiety, constipation, dry skin, and more.   

Discomfort is the body’s signal that it is trying to heal itself.  When I manipulate an area that reflexes to the body part that is in trouble, your body’s health response is pain.  Therefore, the identification and treatment of the ailment are simultaneous. 

"There is only one disease, physical or mental, and its name is congestion."  -Eunice Ingham

What the Reflexologist does:
  Using only my hands and fingers, I apply pressure therapy to your hands and feet.  Although reflexology is not massage, it often is relaxing.  Unlike massage, you actively participate in your own treatment by responding to my touch.  Together, we identify painful reflex points and they eventually become pain free as I relieve congestion and your body heals itself.   

What Reflexology does: "Practiced on a regular basis, Reflexology can lead to a true regeneration of the body.  Reflexology can stimulate the body to heal itself." -Martine Faure-Alderson, D.O.

Aftercare: I teach you techniques and give you a personal plan for
self-treatment at home.   


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