Sixty years ago, Eunice D. Ingham pioneered Reflexology and the Ingham Method.  Today the international Institute of Reflexology has 25,000 active members world-wide.  Reflexology dates as far back as the Ancient Egyptians around 2,330 BC.  In modern times Reflexology began to be studied by Dr. Fitzgerald around 1917, when he published a book called Zone Therapy, or Relieving Pain at Home.   This book was read by Dr. Joe Shelby Riley, a physician, who shared his findings with his staff therapist, Eunice Ingham.  Eunice became interested in the theory of Zone Therapy and began studying it.  During her work she began exploring theory and itís connection to the feet.  This led to her development of foot Reflexology in the early 1930ís.  By 1938 she had completed her research and published a book called Stories the Feet can Tell and soon after published Stories the Feet Have Told.  After publishing Eunice began traveling and sharing theory through lectures and teaching.  She continued doing this until she passed away in 1974 at the age of 80.  After her death her family started the National Institue of Reflexology and the International Institue of Reflexology both dedicated to the Ingham Method of Reflexology. 

For a complete understanding of the Ingham Method of Reflexology read the book Better Health with Foot Reflexology, The Ingham Method of Reflexology, by Dwight C. Byers.  All above information was taken from this book.  

New scientific pathways have developed with the advent of Total Reflexology Therapy.  For a better understanding of Cranio Sacral Reflexology read the book Total Reflexology by Martine Faure-Alderson, D.O.


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