Joanne D. Lueder, RN, NBCR
Mother of four grown children
- Live in southern Sheboygan County with my husband
- I enjoy spending time in my herb garden
- Private Duty Registered Nurse
- Traveled to 13 international countries


  • National Board Certified Reflexologist, October 2008
    - Using the Ingham Method of Reflexology since October 2004

  • Certified in Cranio Sacral Reflexology, September 2009
    - Trained by Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson, D.O.

  • Specialized training under
    Hanna Marquardt, RN - Germany, September 2007

    - Autonomic Nervous System stablizing
    - Scar tissue symptom release
    - Grip techniques: stablize, transition, skeletal relaxation, concentration, regulate respiration

  • R.E.S.T. (Release of Emotional Stress & Tension)
    Pat Lawson, Maryland - USA, March
    - Psychoneuroimmunology reflexology indentifies/releases pain & reduces inflammation


  • "Pain Reduction & Pain Management Using Reflexology"
    Bill Flocco - California, September 2009

  • "The Science Behind Deposits: What Biopsies Revealed"
    Dr. Jesus Manzanares - Spain, September 2009

  • "Facial Reflexology"
    Marie-France Muller - France, September 2009

  • "The Five Elements - How We Incorporate Them Into Our Practice"
    Inge Dougans - South Africa, September 2009

  • "Coronal Zone Reflex Therapy"
    Lee Anthony Taylor - New Zealand

  • "Inherited Feet"
    Mauricio Kruchik - Israel

A member of
The International Reflexology Association
International Council of Reflexologists

The International Institute of Reflexology 
Reflexology Practitioners of WI

Joanne’s passion for reflexology began in 2002.  Her dear brother Tom’s cancer and chemotherapy was so painful that he needed morphine every two hours.  She had been massaging Tom’s feet to give him comfort when she read a book on reflexology and practiced on him.  Amazingly, Tom could go 12 hours without morphine.  She knew then that, “This is medicine I have to learn.”   


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